Astra WordPress Theme Review

Astra theme


If you are thinking of creating your website, portfolio, or blog site and wondering which theme to use, we advise you to go for Astra.


And why is that?


Because Astra is one of the most popular WordPress theme in recent time, which recently crossed the 1 million installation landmark, and it also got 4000+ five-star ratings besides its name! Astra arrived in the WordPress theme market in 2017, and it has become the developer’s favorite theme since then.

If you are a fan of page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder Astra is the theme you can blindly follow.


So what else makes the Astra theme so unique from other themes ? Let’s get into an in-depth review of this brilliant theme.


  1. Pre-made Starter Sites

Astra comes along with some of the most astonishing pre-made starter site templates. After installing the theme on your site, you’ll have entrance to over a hundred pre-made website templates, and many of them are free. And another fantastic thing is that these are not just single-page templates; these are fully functional websites including necessary pages, plugins, and features into one bundle.

You don’t need to waste your time creating new templates and then customize them. After selecting one of the templates, all you have to do is change the images, content, and edit other stuff according to your preference. Then in a short time, your professional-looking site will be ready.


(put some demo pic of templates)



  1. Customizing Facilities


Astra is an easily customizable theme, and your site won’t even increase a second of loading time for this high customization. The modifications that insert on your site are visible in the preview section. So you can always see how much render your site having before publishing it.

In many WordPress themes, all you can do is just change the logo, but not in Astra. You can fully customize the layouts, pages, theme colors, and many more in the Astra theme. In the main menu section, you can upload your logo anywhere you want! On the right side, left side, or in the middle, anywhere you want it to be, you can also change your logo’s width for your site’s mobile version.

In the pro version, the customization facilities are outspread. You can literally modify every feature of your site from background color to typography, site layouts, etc.


(pictures of customization)


  1. Plugin Integrations


Astra theme is famous for being compatible with plugins. People behind the Astra theme worked hard to make Astra suitable for page builders. And they eventually succeeded! People loved how the Astra theme is so compatible with different plugins.

Currently, the astra theme is integrating with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, Brizy, etc.

This theme has right sidebar by default, but you can turn this off and create complete layouts width on pages and other content types or through your whole site.

But wait – there’s more, you can use Astra for your WooComerce shop without having any hesitations. This theme is created on the WooComerce default options and gives you extra privilege over the design of your shop and product page. How can you beat that?


  1. Premium Features


Do you want to know more about this theme? Let’s talk about the pro features of this theme.

In the premium version of the theme, features extend even more. In the premium version of this theme, you can control the layout width of your site from box to full-width.

There are countless layouts available in the pro version for blog sites.

Wait, we are not through yet; in the pro version, they provide you a variety of headers where you can choose a header for your site. Yes, you read that right. There are above header, primary header, below header, sticky header, and transparent header.


  1. Astra Page Speed


Are you sick and tired of those themes that slow down your site, and you can’t do anything about it? I’ve been there. But it’s not the same case in astra!  Astra theme is the most lightweight theme in the WordPress theme market. It requires only 50kb, including all resources. And it’s loads in just half of a second. Because in the Astra theme, they use Vanilla javaScript, which stops render hindering jQuery block its way and harms its performance.


  1. Support System


It doesn’t matter how good or reliable a theme is; there can always be an issue while using the theme.

Though the free version of the astra theme doesn’t provide you one-to-one support from their official support system but you can always have  support from their documentation support system or take support from WordPress support forums.
Also, you can browse their knowledge base or go to their youtube channel to have more information about this theme or find solutions for your potential problem.

But in the primium version, you will have one-to-one email support, but before that, you have to go through their documentation support system first. After that, they will let you access their email support system by clicking “submit ticket” below.


  1. Documentation


Astra theme provides you the most wide-ranging documentation system compared to other themes. In their documentation system, they help you by providing with both articles and videos about every feature in detail. Their docs hold more than 200 articles explaining in detail every feature the theme has to offer.


It’s easy to go through their documentation system. You can search in the search bar, or there is a sidebar you can use that too. Also, they categorized their documentation in grid form below the search bar. You can take help from there.


The text-based documentation will be found on their website, but if you like video demonstration, these video docs will be found on their youtube channel. But wait, there is more. On their youtube channel, they also have videos about wordpress usage. On their youtube channel, they contain videos not only for WordPress theme but also for their product like Convert Pro, Ultimate Addons, etc.


  1. Pricing

As we already discussed earlier, the Astra theme has a free version which is excellent if you are just getting started. But just like all free things, the free version of the Astra theme also has some limitations, which is not suitable for big business.

Astra pro will annually cost you 59$, but you can buy the lifetime package for 249$. In addition to that, they also have two other pricing plans called Mini Agency Bundle and The Agency Bundle.


The Mini Agency Bundle : This plan includes all the features that Astra Pro provides, 50+ ready-made starter sites with a WP portfolio plugin and a page builder addon. You can choose either Ultimate Addon for Elementor or Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder. The plan will cost you 169$ if you are planning to buy this annually, and for lifetime it will cost you 499$.


The Agency Bundle: This plan includes all the features from the previous plan with some additional features, which are Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and any future plugin that they offer. This plan will cost you 249$ annually, and the lifetime package will cost you 699$.


  1. Conclusion


After walking with me in this in-depth discussion of the astra theme, I think after considering everything, the answer for “Is Astra wort it?” Is “YES.”

Astra theme is fast; it’s easily customizable, which boosts your ability to build a professional-looking website within a few hours or less.


Astra theme is SEO friendly for all the page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. This theme is fast. The loading speed is around half a second! Isn’t it incredible?


The Astra starter sites plugin allows you the opportunity to use their ready-made templates, which saves your time and effort and still makes your site look like a pro!


This theme is made for page builders, so it’s compatible with all page builders, which means you can do pretty much everything without knowing a single coding language.


The only downfall that we found in our research is that the pro version of this theme is pricey compared to other premium themes that exist in the theme market.


However, this is a fantastic theme for any kind of website. Go ahead check this out. You won’t regret it.



So, what are your thoughts on this fantastic theme ? Let us know in the comment section.

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